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Jonny Whisenant
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Who is My Church?

The common question that we usually get around to when we talk with others about our church affiliation is “Where do you go to Church”? And though it is not meant to imply that our churches are only locations or buildings, it’s often hard these days to separate an institutional inference to a church from the people who meet there who are in fact …“The Church”. “People”… are the “Church”, not locations, buildings, institutions, organizations, programs, or many of the other aspects of our industrial/commercial culture that we use in the conducting of our religious life.  So shouldn’t we be asking something like,  “Who is our Church?”.  But we don’t, and such a question does seem awkward and foreign in some ways. Why? …are we more in the habit of thinking that “Church” is more like a programmed event at a certain location like a movie at a movie theater? Or do we think of church as meeting with …“people” regardless of where or when…, to fellowship, share, encourage, and commune with each other, pray for one another, seek the Lords wisdom and instruction together, and to give thanks and praise to Him together. Is our church more of an institution, location, and time, than meeting with our spiritual family? Is our church a family gathering of spiritual brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers who take care of us and we of them, or a program that we check off of our calendars like meetings at the PTA. Have we somehow succumbed to re-creating the family gatherings of the church into the image of our commercial culture? It certainly would not be a hard thing to do, we are programmed to operate in the materialist, commercial, efficient, accomplishment manner that our culture values and rewards. And if we operate our church organizations as businesses and programs it would not be surprising if turned our church gatherings into shows and efficient mechanisms rather than the gatherings of extended spiritual families. So if we look at our church gatherings and find indeed that the world has pushed us into its mold more than we would like or if we are looking for greater authenticity, simplicity, and spiritual family, then what are we looking for?  It is on this page that I hope to explore some of those questions.

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