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Jonny Whisenant
Seeking Manna ... with Anna
Seeking Manna with Anna
Tuesday, April 07 2020

Hey Guys,

Here's an "egg-ceptional" tip!

Just FYI, a great way to store a good source of protein at a time when it is abundant and potentially inexpensive is to store eggs in the spring for the later months. This is because if you can get fresh eggs ("UNWASHED"-important) from a local source, you can save them for months. But spring is the time of the year to do it. Hens are in full swing and most chicken owners have too many. Fresh eggs have a coating called the "Bloom" on them, that coats and helps preserve them, and that is important for storage. Few know about this doing this though, surprisingly. We saved hours from March to December last year. They were still good (not as gelled but cooked well) when we ate the last one. You need one quart of water, one ounce of lime by weight, and 1/2 an ounce of salt.

Normally you can get the lime at a local feed or hardware store. But regarding the salt, don't use table salt. You want real sea salt, or mineral salts, like Himalayan or Redmond salt.

You can often find the eggs on rural back roads where people have posted signs for the sale of fresh eggs. You can also check on Facebook Marketplace. Again, just make sure they're not washed.

That "egg-stra" protein might just come in handy in a crunch and be a whole lot cheaper too.

Be well, and be prepared,




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