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Jonny Whisenant
Our Worldview

What is a World View?

A World View seeks to integrate vertically and horizontally all that we know and do into a consistent unified whole. It seeks to unite our approach to life and living into an understandable plan as opposed to being swept along by our responses to the temporary, fragmented knowledge of the moment.

Our World View

When we say that we teach from a Christian World View, what we mean by that is we self-consciously seek to understand spiritual things, ourselves, all of creation, and all of our own thoughts and actions as though we were looking through the eyes and understanding of God our FATHER. We believe that He is the only true reference point and interpretation of what is right, true, good, real, profitable, beautiful, and honorable in our world. Therefore, it is the purpose of our education to seek to “think God’s thoughts after Him” and to understand His creation in its entireity (whether it is math, science, language, liturature, history or art) through His eyes. We understand ourselves and all of humankind in terms of our relationship to Him as our Creator and Father. He is the ultimate “Person” in this universe and our trustworthy example of what it means to grow as “persons” through our education.

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