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Jonny Whisenant
Pilgrims in Georgia

Hello Folks, thanks for stopping by. 

Just click on the image above to open the ebook and you'll find a toolbar with controls above the book and the sound icon which controls the beautiful background musical composition, The American Journey,  by David Arkenstone.

Years ago, I discovered an amazing amount of material that revealed just how much Christian influence there had been in the founding and deveopment of the Colony of Georgia. I began to include this information in my materials and lectures for our eighth grade Georgia History students at Fideles Christian School and have recently compiled it into this ebook form. I hope to have it published in hardback form soon. Also, I hope to publish a companion fieldtrip/vacation guide for visiting locations and places mentioned in Pilgrims in Georgia for those who would like to make their own Pilgrimage to the places of Christian Heritage in Georgia's birthplace.

This is a story of Christian Peoples who came to the colony of Georgia with their Faith seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Some came as refugees due to their Faith, some due to economic or social hardships, and others to found communities based on their Faith. It is about the religious and political history that set the stage that brought them here, both common and famous people, and the Providence of God as it acted upon their lives. Though none of these facts are new, or hidden away, and are open for examination to anyone who should search for them, they are not well known. In the secular climate of education today any reference to the religious backgrounds or motivations of these peoples has largely been ignored. Further, when it is referenced it is usually done piecemeal, focusing on just one group without reference to the whole. Therefore the whole story to my knowledge has never been told. This is an attempt to tell that story and to preserve it for posterity. It is a story of how God worked through many Christian people from many backgrounds and used many diverse circumstances to found a colony. Though not necessarily “Christian” by specific governmental decree, it was Christian in its vital Spirit, as demonstrated through the professions and lives of many of its founders and colonist. A theme that was repeated many times in the founding of the other colonies that came to be the United States.

Hope you enjoy,  May God Bless,

Rev.  Jonny L Whisenant