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Jonny Whisenant
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High Roads blog

A humble pursuit of authenticity

Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting my blog pages.  My goals for HighRoads are to give opportunity to share thoughts that I have had concerning what appears to me to be a movement within the body of the chuch to seek what I, for lack of a better term, would call authenticity. The family of God's people are always adapting, adjusting, repenting, and reforming as their times and circumstances call for, and we should be, for in reality we are a "pilgrim" people in this world. Our "rest" is in the kingdom of our Lord, manifested in our hearts and fellowships now in this world, and completed in the New Heavens and New Earth to come. So the seeking of authenticity, the real resting place of our souls, is or should be always of interest to us whenever or wherever we are, and it seems to me there is a general stirring for a new wave of it in the culture we find ourselves surrrounded by. It is my hope to give some opportunity for the discussion of that, and a means of fellowship, online or otherwise, for those of our brothers and sisters interested in gathering around the campfire to share our intrests and endevors together. So, if you are iintested in hiking the high road with us, please join us on this journey in the conversation and the fellowship. Looking forward to seeing you there.

May God Bless,


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